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I am a psychoanalyst -


Psychoanalysis is based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior. These unconscious factors may create unhappiness, sometimes in the form of recognizable symptoms and at other times as troubling personality traits, difficulties in work or in love relationships, or disturbances in mood and self esteem. Because these forces are unconscious, the advice of friends and family, the reading of self help books, or even the most determined efforts of will, often fail to provide relief -

Psychoanalytic treatment demonstrates how these unconscious factors affect current relationships and patterns of behavior, traces them back to their historical origins, shows how they have changed and developed over time, and helps the individual to deal better with the realities of adult life -

Psychoanalysis differs from psychotherapy in that the focus is not only upon the problem or the symptom but also on that which caused the problem to appear - like angst, stress or depression – which is addressed in order to avoid re-occurrence -

"What I search in speech, is the response of the other”  Lacan, écrits

Psychoanalysis helps the individuals find new ways of dealing with life in coherence with themselves -


Lacanian psychoanalysis helps uncover and clarify the uniqueness of one’s position in life -

Some one in psychoanalysis is often interested in having a more profound awareness of her own functioning – she wishes to deal in depth with her problems – psychoanalysis is long term, intensive work seeking to resolve more fundamental - structural constituents of the personality -

Through interpretation of the unconscious a complex and sophisticated structure is revealed - bringing to light the everyday effects of the unconscious and how it impacts the way one conducts ones life -


Psychoanalysis is a method where basic attitudes are revisited and where one’s position relative to one’s self and the other is worked through -




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