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I practice Transference Focused Psychotherapy – TFP – a highly structured and psychodynamic based psychotherapy where the individual's interactions are used to work through problems – the focus is on the relationship between self and others and the purpose is to solve emotional conflicts -


TFP is a precise and direct therapy of limited duration – it seeks to strengthen the individual’s awareness, increase insight and bring forth a more balanced life style -


I help people clarify their emotions and change the way they interact with others​ -

​​​Who seeks Therapy?​

Patients who seek therapy are often normal people who in their every day lives encounter problems they would like to solve – but somehow do not manage to get the upper hand – often there is a feeling of being overwhelmed - the person who seeks therapy needs support to help solve a problem

Some encounter problems for the first time - others have experienced psychological problems earlier in life – in either case there is a need for support – one needs a place to go to – someone to talk to who can hear you - someone who can listen to you – someone who can help you -



Problems should be dealt with – a problem has to be talked about and discussed, analyzed and finally worked through – focusing on specific elements and seeing the situation in a larger context, analyzing different factors and dealing with the intervening elements are constructive way to solve problems -


Different problems call for different solutions – in all cases I seek to help individuals see more clearly and act in coherence with their own identity -


Patients may also experience a split between feelings and thinking - the aim of the treatment is to help integrate these apparent differences into a more cohesive and well functioning whole​ -


Some of the motivations for seeking psychotherapy can be:​


– and there are many others
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